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INFOCOREā„¢ Technologies Pvt Ltd is the preferred name for all your Data Networking solutions,IT requirements and Security solutions. We deliver the world class application development solutions to suit your unique business requirements and strategies.

As more unique applications of wireless technology appear, enterprises are migrating towards 'unwired' connectivity. Infocore offer a bouquet of services ranging from wired to wireless networks. From Data Center solutions to Network Infrastructure & to Network Security, we are a proven name in the business. For any assistance in Implementing and Integrating Servers, Routers, Firewalls, Layer Switches, CCTV to IP Surveillances,Access Controls to RFID's, Infocore Technologies is your One Point of Contact. We offer Customized Wi-Fi/CCTV solutions to various segment being very reasonable. Consider us for the ease and cost-effectiveness of a progressive, step-by-step move to the world of digital & IP-Surveillance System. We have already assisted numerous companies in networking onsite operations.

Wired & Wireless Solutions

Infocore has the required expertise in leveraging the new technologies, enhanced frameworks, and mature methodologies to create superior applications featuring standardized processes and enables business transformation.

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Security & Safety Solutions

Our surveillance systems are customized to suit your specific needs and requirements. Our systems consist of tested and proven products from the best in the business. From residential , to full fledged commercial CCTV & IP systems, we do it all.

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Servers & Data Storage

Infocore is committed to excellence in the data center design/build process. Unlike the traditional design-specify-bid-build process, which costs more and requires more resources to manage, our Design/Build Data Center Construction Strategy.

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